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Vivienne Mitchell


Dr. Vivienne Mitchell was born on March 1, 1983 on the island of Trinidad & Tobago. She is of Trinidadian, Chinese, and Indian descent and is very proud of her heritage. She is the Founder and CEO of Naji Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization that provides counseling, mentoring, money management, educational, and nutritional services in Georgia and internationally. She is also co-founder of Naji Group Inc. that provides entertainment management, consulting, and concierge services. After graduating from Tampa Bay Technical High School Health Academy, Dr. Mitchell joined the US Army where she was based in Kitzingen, Germany and then Savannah, Georgia.

She then moved to Atlanta, Georgia after her military service was completed, and enrolled into college. Dr. Mitchell received her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Georgia Perimeter College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Georgia State University, a Masters in Social Work degree from Clark Atlanta University, a Master Degree in Psychology from Walden University, and a PhD in General Psychology specializing in Educational Psychology from Walden University. After passing the licensure test, Dr. Mitchell became a Licensed Master Social Worker. Soon thereafter, she began her career at Fulton County DFCS, and worked there for three years in the Child Protection Services division. After seeing the need for services outside of what was offered through DFCS, Dr. Mitchell became compelled to start her own non-profit 501c3 foundation. Within a month of meeting with a CPA, Dr. Mitchell incorporated her 501c3 nonprofit organization, Naji Foundation Inc.

She considers herself as a philantropreneur because her goal is to increase the philanthropic impact of her non-profit organization. Conventionally non-profit organizations depended on donations, grants, or other forms of charitable-giving. However, as a new generation entrepreneur Dr. Mitchell prefers to invest rather than donate. She is an active donor who use her resources to achieve social change that is both scalable and sustainable. As a result, her contribution is meant to go beyond providing temporary "Band-Aid" solutions but rather seek to eliminate the problem.

She acquainted her neoteric addition to Georgia within the same year during the summer, by partnering with Bright from the Start Summer Food Service Program. This program provides free and healthy breakfast and lunch for underprivileged children throughout the summer. Naji Foundation Inc provided meals during the COVID-19 pandemic from April 2020 until July 31, 2020 making this the fifth year of servicing children throughout Atlanta while employing 30 plus employees.

Dr. Mitchell travels internationally on mission trips, and conjoins her foundation with multiple organizations dispensing to the impoverished throughout the year.

Dr. Mitchell have strived to grow her foundation substantially with programs, partnerships, clientele, and support. Amidst her intercontinental itineraries, Dr. Mitchell is the newly appointed Academic Program Chair of the Social Work Department for the Higher Colleges of Technology Women’s Campus in Abu Dhabi and will be lecturing Bachelor of Social Work students.

Dr. Mitchell has also acquired the well-deserved titles of successful business woman, mother, and wife. Dr. Mitchell has mastered the art of multitasking her personal life with her business persona.


She believes that if you keep prayers first and be patient, everything happens for a reason and in its own time. "Just stay consistent and put your best foot forward. Dress for success and wear a smile at all times because you never know who you will meet. Lastly, always remember that where there is hope and will, there is always a way to survive.”

Dr. Vivienne Mitchell, LMSW, MPhil

“Together We Aspire. Together We Achieve.”


Carissa Johnsen


Carissa Johnsen is the Founder and CEO of Freedom Designers Inc. She’s a Psychospiritual Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Speaker with a Master's Degree in Psychology and over 6 years experience in the field of personal development

She specializes in helping women enhance spiritual gifts to take their life, business, sacred purpose, and financial freedom to the highest potential.
Carissa has been working in the field since 2014 with training in mediumship, motivational interviewing, CBT and NLP. She has experience with diverse individuals including community mental health settings, collegiate communities, organizations and business owners. 
Carissa uses her iIntuitive abilities, mediumship gifts, coaching skills and business acumen to help her clients find comfort, clarity and learn how to design a life rich in meaning, spiritual connection and financial resources


Erica Thomas

Board  Member

The Honorable Erica Thomas has taken a fastidious global approach to the economic and environmental development of the world. As an innovative trailblazer and entrepreneur with a passion for inspiring others, Rep. Thomas has founded two nonprofits focusing on public speaking, leadership development, training and advocacy. Speak Out Loud, a local nonprofit is dedicated to giving a voice to foster children who have been silenced by their circumstances. Speak Out Loud has expanded and organized across the country and has chapters in Botswana and Nigeria. Thomas is an author speaker, mentor, philanthropist and Georgia State Representative, representing Georgia's 39th house district in Cobb County. At the age of 29, Rep. Thomas remains one the youngest members of the Georgia General Assembly while gaining
national recognition as the nation's first orphan to hold political office and the sixth youngest State Representative in America.

In 2013, Rep. Thomas was awarded the Ambassador for Peace Award from the Global Peace Foundation. She has also worked to establish libraries in various locations in Africa. Thomas was awarded the 100 Black Men of America's Image award, Who's Who of Atlanta Most Influential and recently (2016), TV One's Triumph Award through the National Action Network founded by The Rev. Al Sharpton.
Additionally, she is the co-founder of Young Professionals of Cobb County. As she is soaring through life, Rep. Thomas is currently in flight school and is ranked as a Major in the United States Air Force Civil Air Patrol. Her philanthropic interests are centered around the goals of education and child safety. One of her lifelong interests was the establishment of libraries in Africa and she is now working to build an orphanage in Dibette Village, Botswana. Rep. Thomas has traveled all over Africa helping orphans for this is her life's work.


Heather Gaylord

Board Member

Heather M. Gaylord is a social advocate who believes in making a difference for women and children. She has a Bachelor of Social Work from Alabama State University and a Master of Public Policy from Georgia State University.

Ms. Gaylord is actively involved within her local community. She is the Vice President of the Community Council for the Junior League of DeKalb County (2020-2021). She also serves as a member of the Georgia Cares Speaker's Bureau, which is a statewide organization serving victims of child sex trafficking throughout Georgia. 

In February 2018, Heather M. Gaylord was featured in Voyage ATL for TUF Project's work in the community. One year later, the NFL recognized her as an ‘Unsung Hero’ to celebrate her essential work on domestic violence and sexual assault prevention during Super Bowl LIII.


Jeremiah "Bow-Tie" Woods

Executive  Director

A self-described bowtie enthusiast, Jeremiah M. Woods, also known as Bow-Tie, is the founder of The Hands Off Foundation Inc. He is someone who is committed to advocating for those who have had their voice and their power stripped away from them. He has spent the last two years learning and developing his skillset as a sexual assault advocate, and is currently most passionate about the work he is doing through his non-profit, to create a community that will not stand for 28 million women a year being effected by sexual assault.

As a former fashion designer,  business account manager, and a current speaker and author turned Executive Director and advocate, Jeremiah has developed a unique perspective when it comes to the art of bridging philanthropy and capitalism. Influenced by his spiritual upbringing, his excellent customer service training with Chick Fil A and an intense matriculation of other life events and experiences, he aspires to uphold the purpose of the Hands Off Foundation inc, which is to provide advocacy, support and a stable economic base for victims of sexual assault, while bringing national awareness to the issue in effort to eradicate sexual violence against women. Additionally, he specializes in acronym based education for professionals and students. Jeremiah, or as some more affectionately call him, Bow-Tie, has been featured in newspapers, television and other media publications. In his past time he enjoys grilling, baking, watching basketball, listening to podcasts and reading books on philosophy. He has completed a 30 hour training and successfully gained recognition in the Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault database. Jeremiah is also cpr and first aid certified. He has had the pleasure of being a top sales leader, sales manager and sales trainer. For Jeremiah, his sole focus in the next stage of his career is to be the absolute best director, advocat, and national spokesman for The Hands Off Foundation Inc and the fight against sexual assault crimes and injustices.


Veronica Crafton 


Veronica has worked with children with autism since 2006. Having worked in a variety of environments, she garnered the skill set and knowledge to work with children on various levels of the autism spectrum. Her career began at the Emory Autism Center where she gained experience implementing play therapy with preschool aged children.  She also worked at The Marcus Autism Center, a private facility for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Her work here included children with severe language delays and severe behaviors (i.e. hitting, biting, self-injurious behavior). She also worked for the Cobb County School District for six years as a teacher for children with intellectual and behavioral disabilities (most of the children having autism) and was elected Teacher of the Year in 2013. Veronica has also worked privately in the homes of several families over the past ten years. She also holds a bachelor of art in psychology and earned her master of education degree in multiple and severe disabilities from Georgia State University in 2010.


Tabitha Caver

Special Advisor to the board 

Tabitha was born in Detroit, Michigan. With over 10 years of real estate investing and sales experience, she has developed a sterling reputation for working with investors and homeowners throughout the United States.

Her mission is to assist her customers in achieving their lifestyle and financial goals through real estate, by providing a level of service that redefines excellence and ensures they are overjoyed with their complete home experience. 

Tabitha’s passion to improve, and her fierce commitment to serve and protect her customers have helped distinguish her as a top-producing, award-winning REALTOR®. Tabitha is an accomplished real estate professional and consistently receives five-star reviews from her customers. She lives, works, and plays in Decatur, and she and her team can be trusted to assist you with all of your real estate needs.