Our Process


After sitting on a jury trial for two young girls accusing their stepfather of sexual abuse, our CEO recognized that while many sexual abuse victims might want to walk out , it becomes complicated when your housing and shelter or the shortage thereof is based on the one who is attacking you. We change the playing field by offering a six month enrollment into our housing solutions for victims of sexual abuse.

The living portion of our organization is a six-month enrollment and/or stay in our facilities in which we will provide you room and board as well as food and all the basic necessities of life over the six-month period. You will have a home whether modular or tiny in which you will stay.

Each enrolled member will have a schedule that will give them an outline for their day to day activities.

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment


Taking care of one's family is a major priority for moms and dads everywhere. This fact doesn't change because sexual abuse has occurred. Our solution is to partner with the hands-off team LLC. The Hands-Off Team, LLC offers a uniquely curated brand of private and bath care products. It's our goal to place $316.18 a month into a checking account for every enrolled member/client of the hands-off foundation. By working for the Hands-Off Team LLC they become a lively participant in not only funding their assistance, but the help of others also. The work portion is going to be geared to teaching valuable and transferable skill sets and combinations of sentimental and hard skills which will serve them well after the completion of the program. The work program will focus on the following:

  • Clerical/Front office skills

  • Customer ServiSupply Chain Management

  • Product Development

  • Distribution

  •  Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Sales

  • Seo / Google Analytics

  • Accounting (via partnership with Fola Financial)


It's our belief that having housing and income are only as important as the individual that receives it. We focus on increasing fundamental markers in our survivor’s mind, body and soul. This is accomplished by bringing in subject matter experts that will facilitate classes building self-confidence, self love, self defense, meditation techniques, wardrobe consultation and a balance dietary plan.  It is important to note that we do not call this portion of our process therapy ,but more so rejuvenation and growth. A big portion of that does include different types of therapy such as hydrotherapy ,music therapy ,art therapy and a mix of other non-medicated opportunities to grow. We will have a rotation of several different types of psychologists ,doctors and therapists that will participate wholly and make sure that we can also medically say that you have received the care that is needed.

Growing Plants